White or red? What’s the Most Popular?

The Difference between Red and White Wine

Do you prefer red or white wine? The wine shop near you may have a lot of wine selections that may seem meaningless at first, but as you get to know more about the complexity of wine, you will start to appreciate its variety.

White wine varieties generally feature a fruity flavor but some kinds have rich tastes. White wine is made from white grapes. Red wine, on the other hand, is made from black and red grapes. The skin of these grapes contributes to the rich flavor of the wine. Because wine is produced by different vineyards in varying climates, the flavor and richness of wine brands vary from each other.

Red wine has a reputation for being healthy to the heart and blood vessels due to its resveratrol content. White wine is touted to be beneficial for the lungs. White wine also has lesser calories than red wine but its sugar content is higher. It is also more acidic than red wine.

Wine Preference

The popularity of either white wine or red wine depends on the country. In the U.S., Americans typically prefer red wine over white wine. A person’s social habits and lifestyles also affect their wine preference. People who prefer red wine over white wine are generally considered warmer, more relaxed and satisfied in life than those who prefer white wine. As the saying goes, you can tell much about the person from their favorite wine. When you visit a wine shop, do you gravitate towards red wine or white wine selections?

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